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Activity Check-in

Our Activity Check-in tracks a small number of metrics on behaviours and attitudes from both adults and children and young people towards sport and physical activity over time, revealing the impact of changing circumstances in a rapidly changing world.

In addition, each wave captures views on a specific topic of current relevance.

Through this approach, and using a unique combination of both quantitative and qualitative data, the Activity Check-in allows us to monitor changes early and enable us to intervene quickly.

An interactive dashboard will be launched later in 2022, allowing you to explore and filter the data to suit your needs.

Wave 1

The quantitative data collection period for Wave 1 ran from 25-28 March 2022, and alongside the core tracker questions, delved into the topic of coronavirus (Covid-19) recovery through the angles of perceived ability to be active, opportunities to be active and motivations for doing so.

In June 2022 this is being developed further with an online community to collect qualitative data that further explores the feelings of not feeling fit enough and financial concerns.

You can view the Wave 1 analysis report and the resources linked to this wave, below.

Planning for Wave 2 is currently underway, which will explore the topic of volunteer experiences.