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Showcasing the impact of coaching on sport and physical activity

As coaches get their moment in the spotlight, we shine it on some key coaching investments

05th June 2019

Almost 2 million people in England coach in sport or physical activity for at least one hour a week.

This week marks Coaching Week, the annual celebration of great coaching and sharing of knowledge.

In 2019, UK Coaching is calling on the sport and physical activity sector to make a #GreatCoachingPledge, to help coaches across the nation benefit their communities.

And Stuart Armstrong, our Head of Coaching, has kicked things off with Sport England’s commitment to coaches in England.

"Our pledge to the coaching family is to work tirelessly to support coaches to be better equipped to provide experiences based on the needs and goals of the individuals they coach," he said.

"We also want to understand more about how, where and why coaching has a negative impact on people participating and reduce the likelihood of that happening. To support people who are under-represented in coaching to get involved in coaching. To change the perception of coaching among the wider public and promote a new model of what ‘good coaching’ looks like."

And while Stuart and all our colleagues at Sport England is focused on building a better sport and physical activity workforce that can give people a positive experience when participating, UK Coaching’s director of coaching is asking people to focus on what it is that makes great coaching.

“Great coaching takes place throughout the UK every day with little fanfare and is a fundamental element of every community,” said Emma Atkins.

“This Coaching Week, we want to celebrate Great Coaching, thank those who deliver it and provoke everyone to make a pledge to continue to help, support and improve coaching.”

So, during the week, we’re going to take a look at how the money we invest and the expertise we provide helps people to be better coaches, and to create better environments for those participating in sport and physical activity.

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