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Evaluation and learning

Findings from our evaluations and guidance for anyone involved in evaluating projects as part of Uniting the Movement.

We work closely with partners to evaluate our programmes, campaigns and investments so that we can track success and use what we learn to help more people enjoy the benefits of being active.

Our new approach sets the direction for how evaluation and learning can support our strategy.

It reflects the collective response from the hundreds of staff and partners we spoke to throughout 2021, about how evaluation and learning can help us tackle inequalities and bring the benefits of sport and physical activity to everyone.

The approach sets out three simple, shared ambitions to improve how we embed, conduct and use evaluation and learning.

By working together towards these ambitions we can generate the most valuable evidence about physical activity in different contexts, to guide the decisions and actions we take in support of Uniting the Movement.

Alongside these ambitions are the ways of working that we, and our partners, think will help us achieve those ambitions.

We think of these as the principles guiding how we work, both individually and collectively, meaning evaluation that's more inclusive, flexible, open and valuable.

We’re working on a range of materials to support this new approach, including practical guidance for anyone involved in evaluating projects as part of Uniting the Movement.

We’ll share them here as soon as they’re ready.

In the meantime, you can still access the most popular resources and guidance from our previous evaluation framework or you can contact us at

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