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Help shape the future of our Active Lives Adult Survey

We’ve launched a major consultation to understand your views on changing how often we report the data.

15th November 2021

We’ve launched a new consultation to find out your views and help shape the future of our Active Lives Adult Survey report.

The consultation, which will run from today until 28 January, will consider whether to reduce the number of releases from two per year to one.

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As we progress more detailed plans for the implementation of our long-term strategy, Uniting the Movement, we’re considering how we prioritise production of the data, insight and learning that will most drive positive action and change.

Andrew Spiers, our lead for research and analysis, says a change in reporting frequency would allow our insight team to produce deeper and wider analysis.

“We currently report Active Lives Adult Survey results twice a year (mid-May to mid-May data in October, and mid-November to mid-November data in April) and Active Lives Children and Young People Survey results from the previous academic year in December,” he said.

“Each release requires two or three months of dedicated focus from a significant team in our insight directorate – limiting their capacity to undertake other work.

“We believe a better balance could be struck between descriptive reporting of results and deeper and wider analysis and interpretation that has a focus on future action against strategic priorities.

“That’s why we’re consulting users of Active Lives Adult Survey statistics about a proposal to move from reporting results twice a year to once a year.”

More information and background to why we've launched the consultation is available in the Active Lives section of our website.  

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