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Government | Local authorities | Tackling inactivity
by Jill Baker and Michael Little, Jill is the director of development at the Lloyds Bank Foundation. Michael is the founder of Ratio.
30 March 2022
4-minute read
Uniting the Movement
by Naomi Curniffe and Aaron Dunkley, Naomi is a partner support manager at Sport England and Aaron is the head of account management at Oaks Consultancy.
24 March 2022
8-minute read
Funding | Uniting the Movement
by Hannibal Morris, Head of talent development pathways, Sport England
14 March 2022
5-minute read
Local authorities | Lower socio-economic groups | Older people | Tackling inactivity
by Tom Burton, National partnerships lead for health and inactivity, Sport England
10 March 2022
7-minute read
Gender | Tackling inactivity | Uniting the Movement
by Tim Hollingsworth, Chief executive, Sport England
08 March 2022
7-minute read
Health conditions | Local authorities | Older people
by Kelly Harman, Project delivery manager, Essex local delivery pilot
01 March 2022
5-minute read

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