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We're recruiting for two new Executive Director roles

The positions have come about following a restructure to help reflect how we'll work as we implement our Uniting the Movement strategy.

01st March 2022

To help us work towards the ambitions in our 10-year strategy to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity, we are undergoing a reshaping of our internal organisational structure to our Executive Leadership Team.

Led by our Chief Executive Tim Hollingsworth, the strategic changes have been informed by 12 months of work since the launch of the Uniting the Movement strategy in January 2021, as well as lessons learned from responding to the pandemic.

The positions of Executive Director of Policy and Integrity, and Executive Director of Place are currently being recruited for, in partnership with Perrett Laver.

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The new Executive Leadership Team are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of our strategy and advocating for sport and physical activity.

Both jobs are listed until 14 March and while skills and experience are important, our emphasis in recruitment is also on behaviours and leadership abilities, as we see these to be vital to our future success as an organisation.

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and see diversity, in all its forms, as being key in our mission to tackle inequalities in sport and physical activity.

The Place role will see the appointee lead a team responsible for maximising our impact and engagement in the places and spaces we work. While the new Policy and Integrity Executive Director will lead a directorate focused on developing an awareness and understanding of the audiences that matter to us, the issues that impact them and how they should be addressed.

Recruitment for a Chief Finance Officer will follow.

  • Our new directorates

    The new structure is one that will enable us to maximise the impact of our work and investments – with teams organised around six new internal directorates:

    • Strategy, Insight and Performance: How we plan for, enable and measure our delivery

    The implementation and delivery of Uniting the Movement through effective insight and evidence-based strategic planning, project design and implementation, monitoring and reporting, and the progressive and consistent application of human and financial resources against established ways of working.


    • Finance and Corporate Services: How we manage the resources we have

    The provision of effective and efficient corporate services to enable the delivery of our organisational objectives, the management of our finances and investments and the provision of good internal governance procedures to ensure Sport England is an effective and trusted steward of public money.


    • Digital, Marketing and Communications: How we advocate for our ambition

    The creation of our narrative, to advocate and campaign for the change we wish to see and build our reputation and credibility with government, the media and partners, while ensuring the sport and physical activity sector is committed to innovation in its approach.


    • Policy and Integrity: How we ensure we are focused on the people and issues that matter

    The development of our position as a credible thought-leader on key policy issues in sport and physical activity, with strong awareness and understanding of the people that matter to us, the issues that impact them and how they should be addressed, and responsibility for ensuring integrity and inclusiveness is central to sport and physical activity and the experiences it provides for participants.


    • Place: How we maximise impact in the places and spaces we work

    The engagement in and delivery of a place-based approach to Uniting the Movement, ensuring delivery against all of our investment and operational targets, including the expansion of the places in which we invest, the effective building of relationships with local organisations and the creation of sustainable and inclusive facilities and active environments.


    • Partnerships: How we manage and maximise our relationships

    The establishment, engagement in and management of our relationships with key partners to maximise the delivery of the strategic ambitions of Uniting the Movement, seeking to influence the future shape of the sport and activity system in England and develop the skills and behaviours of the workforce that delivers it.

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Our new Executive Leadership Team comprises four Executive Director roles, as well as Chief Strategy and Finance officers, all overseen by our Chief Executive, Tim Hollingsworth.

“Driven by our Organisational Values, these changes will help us improve the way we work and give clarity – both to our own ambition and operations and that of the sport and physical activity sector as a whole – as we implement our recently published three-year implementation plan," said Tim.

"The restructure has also given us the opportunity to bring some new ideas and perspectives into our Executive Leadership Team, and I’m pleased to say an open recruitment process for two new Executive Director roles has now started."

For more information on each of the roles and to apply, you can visit the Perrett Laver website.

We’ve previously worked with Perrett Laver as part of a project to transform diversity of sports boards that followed the Diversity in Sports Governance report that we published with UK Sport in 2019.

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